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Monday-Wednesday 4pm to Midnight, Thursday-Saturday 4pm to 2am (closed Sundays)


What is the VODBOX?

The VODBOX is the ultimate walk-in, drink-in exhibitionist freezer designed solely for the enjoyment of vodka in its purest form. Glass and stainless steel coat the freezer's exterior while white leather shelving lines the room with hundreds of bottles, from the fashionable and exclusive to the obscure, while the center table (a wooden Nicola family heirloom, circa 1945) is prepared for tastings led by Vodkateur Larry Nicola or one of Nic's "Vodka Impresarios."

How does it work?

There are 30 shelves in the VODBOX – all sold to the best vodka producers and consumers. These VODBOX members (a mix of liquor companies, entrepreneurs and business professionals) are designated shelving space of tufted white leather, secured and boldly labeled with name plates. Members are given priority reservation status; however, all guests are welcome with advanced reservations.

Inside the VODBOX...

Before entering the VODBOX, guests are provided with faux fur coats/hats (leopard or black). Once everyone is escorted into the 28°F (-2°C) freezer, the vodka expert will spend about 15 minutes with each party providing entertainment, information and tastes. Costs vary for the VODBOX experience, ranging from flights (beginning at $21 per person) to bottle service (which begins at $250). Cameras are allowed and encouraged. If guests request the VODBOX as part of their dining experience, the vodka ambassador will approach their table in between appetizers and entrees and invite them into the VODBOX. After the tasting, guests return to their table for the main course.

VODBOX vodkas

Vodkateur Larry Nicola has encapsulated the best and most luxurious vodkas in the world for the VODBOX. Among the top-tier selection is Kauffman, Potocki (only available in California at Nic's and the VODBOX) Russian Standard, Jean Marc XO and the Jewel of Russia. New additions to the VODBOX include Vodka, Roberto Cavali, Trump, Kai and SV Supreme.

How many people can fit in the VODBOX?

The VODBOX can fit up to 12 people.

Who made the faux fur coats for the VODBOX?

Designer Stanley Hudson made the faux fur fashion for the VODBOX. Coats are available in various sizes.

Who designed the VODBOX?

Nicola himself designed the VODBOX from the triple paned windows, to the lighting and the unique vodka shelving.

Why do the VODBOX?

The VODBOX was created as a unique, fun, sexy and knowledgeable way to bring people together. The VODBOX's signature 28°F (-2°C) allows for the true exquisite flavors of the vodkas to reveal themselves as the vodkas are consumed at their most enjoyable stage (the cold temperature enhances the smoothness of the vodka resulting in no alcohol burn). The VODBOX is a one of a kind concept that melds martinis and vodka with a cool bar experience.