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Monday-Wednesday 4pm to Midnight, Thursday-Saturday 4pm to 2am (closed Sundays)


Nic's Martinis

"What A Nice Pear You Have"
Grey Goose Le Poire Vodka with Pear Juice + Shaved Parmesan

"Ultimat Sexy Beach"
Ultimat Vodka, Fresh Pressed Pineapple, Lemon + Toasted Anise

"My Honey Does"
Ketel One Vodka with Honeydew, Fresh Vanilla & Lime

"Can’t Elope"
Tru Organic Vodka, Cantaloupe, Watermelon Syrup, OJ + Lime

"Jacques' New York Soiree"
Bombay Sapphire Gin & Dolin Dry Vermouth + Tomolives + a Twist

"Polish Guy In Brazil" finds mystery berry
Belvedere Vodka with Açai Berry Blend + Dried Mango

"Paul Up Against The Wall"
Sigelman Drinks Pearl Plum Vodka, Grapefruit, Sicilian Honey + Basil

"Goose Me"
Grey Goose L’Orange, Orange Curacao + Lychee

"Nic's Martini"
Beluga Vodka, Straight Up with Nic’s Bella Olive

"Maytag Repairman"
House calls on request! Chopin Potato Vodka + Maytag Blue Cheese Olives

"Oh My Darling Clementine"
Svedka Clementine, Crism Organic Hibiscus Liquor + Fresh Tangerine Juice

"Golden Triangle"
Grey Goose L’Orange with Sweet & Sour, Grand Marnier + Candied Orange

"Where's My Effen Martini?"
Effen Black Cherry with a Handful of Blackberries

"Lemondrop Blush"
Stoli Strasberi Vodka, Cranberry + Sweet & Sour with a Strawberry Sugar rim
(Pucker up!)

Purity Vodka, Pomegranate Juice, Pineapple Juice
+ Splash of Sweet & Sour

"Viva la Veev"
VeeV Açaí Spirit, Muddled Cucumber, Sage + Sweet & Sour

Voli Lemon Vodka, Fresh Pressed Watermelon, Lemon Squeeze + Frozen Watermelon Plank (under 150 calories)

"Coco Cabana"
VuQo Vodka (Distilled from Coconut Nectar), Vita Coco, Coconut Milk + Pomegranate Juice

"Beez Kneez"
Stoli, St. Germain, Fresh Raspberries + Citrus

"Whipitgood Mr. Pineapple"
Pinnacle Whipped Vodka with Fresh Pressed Pineapple and Anise

"Il Nicorino"
Tallarico Vodka, Fresh Orange, Campari, Egg White & Pepper

"Smiling Buddha"
Marquis Vodka with Fresh Kiwi, Pineapple + Ginger

"Helga from the Woods"
Cariel Swedish Vodka, Lingonberries, Tangerine & Jalapeño

"Mediterranean Kiss"
Akvinta Mediterranean Vodka, with Lavender Syrup,
White Cranberry + Fresh Lemon

"Peachy Keen Cosmo"
Luksusowa Vodka with Peach Nectar, Cointreau + Mint

Cucumber Infused Gvori Polish Vodka + Sweet & Sour
(Created by our man NAS)

"Pink Monkey"
Bacardi Limon, Cranberry + Pineapple Juice

"Vincent's Rush"
Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, Godiva Liquor + Espresso

"Latin Lover"
Jalapeño Infused Tito's Vodka with Olive Brine + Jalapeño Stuffed Olives

"Last Mango in Paris"
Milagro Silver Tequila, with Fresh Mango Juice + Lime

"From Russia with Love"
Jewel of Russia Vodka with Fresh Strawberry + Champagne Float

"Absolut Tropical Thunder"
Absolut Açaí Berry, Fresh Citrus, Agave Syrup + Blueberries

Nic’s Iconic Cocktails

"East of Moscow Mule"
Russian Standard Platinum, Shaved Ginger,
Fresh Basil, Ginger Beer + Lime

Corzo Silver Tequila, Muddled Serrano Chiles, Fresh Cucumber + S&S

"Goose Classic Martini"
Grey Goose “Winter Wheat” Up with Nic’s Bella Olives

"Ginny & Tonic with Tangerines"
Nolet Silver with Tangerines and Tonic

"My Cherry Amour"
Grey Goose Cherry Noir, St. Germain, Club Soda + Mint

"Ava's Pimm's Cup Touch Up"
with Cucumber + Ginger Ale

"Pisco So Soury"
Barsol Pisco, Lime, Egg Whites + Angostura Bitters from Peru

Bulleit Bourbon, Ricard Pastis, Peychaud’s Bitters + Orange Peel

Menu items and prices subject to change.

"Ginger Rogers"

"Bonito Jito"

"X Rated"